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If he only had one.


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For all those anons who sent me asks, I haven’t forgotten you! Just not feeling very wordy lately <3

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This fucker here ruins me.

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There is a story behind this, folks.

Another Tumblr user gave me this idea.
Mutie!Kev working the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. There will be more things following, like how he handles the abominations.
Oh, do I have PLANS for them. This was drawn super fast and not very well because it’s late and I have class in the morning, gah.

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an au where they actually…go to class

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Kevin what is your face though

You have like 20 different emotions happening and you haven’t felt any of them before, have you?

I’d love to talk about how great it is that Gwen isn’t sitting around waiting for Kevin to ask her out after their little exchange at the beginning of the ep, but we can’t forget that there’s magical coercion at work here influencing her decision to pursue Michael.

Still, from day one Gwen was all about teaching Kevin that he’s worth more than he gives himself credit for, and I think the first step would be making it clear that his wishes are something to be respected. When she started coming on to him, he basically told her to back off — so she did. Had there been another guy Gwen liked, one who legitimately caught her eye, I think she would have had no problem going out with him, too.

But at this point, Kevin’s got no reason to believe Gwen isn’t legitimately charmed by Michael, and going with him of her own free will. I love that Kevin is SO OFFENDED AND JEALOUS and I don’t think he even realizes it. I mean yes he has legitimate reasons not to trust Michael, but I don’t think he would have looked hard enough to see them if he didn’t already perceive Michael as a challenger for Gwen’s affections.

I have a huge headcanon (with evidence to back it up) that most of Kevin’s knowledge of Earth culture comes from television, since he didn’t grow up on Earth or around other humans. I kind of get the sense that Kevin expected Gwen to wait around pining for him while he worked through his emotional issues enough to feel comfortable dating her, which is what a person might come to expect if TV dramas are your only example of how relationships work. Or, more likely, he expected her to take the RomCom route and continue to make aggressive passes at him until she finally wore him down. But that’s not what happened.

She asked him out

he told her no

and she’s actually respecting his boundaries and he has no idea how to handle that.

How about a lolnope

If I’m remembering correctly, Gwen never dropped her advances. She made fun of Kev a bit at the stop and again while they were in the car. The only reason she stopped was the ‘spell’ that Micheal put on her. That’s what surprises Kevin. She was so dead-set on him at the time and then she just stopped suddenly.

OK. I’ll rewatch and readjust my interpretation where I need to.

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Can we just talk about how much the character growth Kevin has been through shows in the episode ‘Perplexahedron’?

When Ben says Gwen can take care of herself, he retorts with “I know, that’s why I like her, doesn’t mean I don’t want to take care of her either way.” which made me so happy. Kevin has never seen her as some damsel in distress that needs saving, never. It’s always been clear to me that him trying to keep her safe doesn’t mean he thinks she’s weak and it’s just cool to see it finally adressed like that again!

Later, they also have this kind of feelsy conversation where Kevin is called ‘the big brother I never had’ by Ben and Kevin thanks him for everything.

"Okay, I like the Kevin Gwen sees when she looks at me and I like that you gave me another chance, even after I messed up all those other ones. I guess what I’m saying… I owe you for changing my life."

Our baby has grown so much in all these years. I think I’m going to tear up.

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kevin because I am predictable as fuuuuuck. also grandpa max.



Old dog meets stray dog.

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And now it’s colored.

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An pastel goth Kevin…..for reasons

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An opinion without 3.14159 is just an onion.

Fuck right off

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peskypearl asked:
kevin owning a machamp in pokemon x and naming it after manny just to piss him off.


Kevin owning a Machamp in X, naming it Manny, and whenever Manny annoys him and the others won’t let him hit him he goes home, and holds pokepuffs just out of poke-Manny’s reach

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have a link to watch all the Ben 10 episodes? Your blog is just perf!!

Thank you! I’d rather not enable illegal viewing of the episodes, but I’m sure you’ll find them easily enough if you search :)

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